German streettabletennis Open 2022

July 16th & July 17th, 2022 * 10am to 6pm * Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum Cologne *

Big Saturday Night Event Party 8pm at TBD


  • participation as one of 128 competitors in the German streettabletennis Open 2022
    in the single competition in one of the leagues street RAW, street MASTER, street PRO or street LAUREL*
    in the singles knockout round or in B-round doubles
    in the team challenge**
    4 games guaranteed
  • at, around and on top (roof top sports fields) of the Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum Cologne
  • chance to win challenge cups, medals and major non-cash prizes in the leagues street RAW, street MASTER, street PRO
  • chance to win charity-cash prize in the league street LAUREL
  • two-day free access Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum Cologne*** (all areas/exhibitions)
  • two-day free access to Active Area on one of the roof top sports fields of the museum, including:
    smart rackets (electronic data analysis playing abilities)
    virtual table tennis
    small training lessons
    fun tables (big, small)
    and much more...
  • member of VIP lounge with champaign reception during finals on Sunday (for players and special guests only)
  • participation in a PLAYER prize draw (for players only, major non-cash prize!)
  • free access big Saturday night EVENT PARTY
  • Starter Kit PLAYER
  • and more...


*We will use the QTTR-values (and further information regarding the players' table tennis skills) - that players will be asked to transfer later - to generate the 4 street leagues of the German streettabletennis Open 2022 (street RAW, street MASTER, street PRO, street LAUREL) aiming to create leagues with preferably equal playing abilities.

**The team challenge in which the team players collect points for their teams in their singles competition goes beyond the street leagues (in each team will be players from all street leagues). The teams will be put together by us generating preferably similarly good teams.

***The German Sport & Olympia Museum presents a wide range of insights into the fascinating world of sport from antiquity to the present day over an area of more than 2,000 m². An exciting and interactive journey through 2,500 years of sports history - with unique exhibits and inspiring themed rooms as well as numerous activity stations.


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